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Plump Line

Plump Line

2,915 Vector Icons

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Plump boasts bold, chunky icons with a friendly vibe, crafted from dynamic shapes and lines. Its subtle curves and hand-drawn flair give it a playful, cartoonish edge.

All Plump icons were built on a 48x48px grid, which helped to give the set a clear formal continuity and a visual rhythm by creating spacious and chunky signs.

Plump icons come in four different styles.

Line and Solid are especially suitable for designs where you need to use a unique set of icons but don't want to steal the interest from other elements. Duo and Flat are really useful if you want to illustrate specific features or characteristics and allow your users to understand them with a simple and quick glance at these icons.

🟢 Buy once, use it forever. Delivered after payment as a .zip, including all the vectors organised by folders. Import vectors in Iconjar or any vector software.

🟠 Access to these vectors as premium version in our Streamline app is not provided with this purchase.

👤 One user license. Needs more than one user license? Our products are only available as one user license on this Store. You can purchase any set as one-user license, then Contact Us to upgrade to more users.

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